As many as 2,000 notable English country houses have been lost since 1800.

This website, which was short-listed for the SAHGB Colvin Prize in 2019, is a tribute to their beauty and history.

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A name alone is rarely enough. Having a reason why a house was lost is crucial but so is knowing who designed and created a house, the changing ownership and designs, and the reasons for the decline, which paints a much richer memory of a place which no longer exists as it did.

About Lost Heritage

To know our country houses is to know our nation's history. This project helps provide the keys to unlock our undertanding of how architecture and landscape evolved. Find out about the origins and goals for this project.

Related projects and resources

Sadly, houses were being lost across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Whilst Lost Heritage focuses on England, other projects help record these losses in other nations

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Want to find out more? The Country Seat Bookshop has a carefully selected list of country house titles, including ones on those which have been lost. Help support this site by purchasing, which provides a commission from each sale. Thank you.