South Park


Location   Penshurst
Year demolished   1989 (though sections demolished earlier)  
Reason   Unknown  
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South Park was the seat of the Henry Hardinge, 1st Viscount Hardinge of Lahore (1785-1856), Governor-General of India. Little detail is available but it is known that the house was originally built in 1773 - though a house may have existed on the site previous to that. The Hardinges - a prominent and well-connected diplomatic family - are known to have entertained Albert Edward (Bertie), Prince of Wales so the house was obviously sufficiently grand to host such an important guest.

Anthony Salvin was employed to enlarge the house in 1844, though much of these additions have been demolished. Though it is not apparent from the photo of the house as it stands today (see additional image in Gallery) reportedly the Gothic towers and terraces survive - though to what extent and how significant they are is unknown. Further changes were made for Lord Harding of Penshurst in the 20th century by Roger Cunliffe. Enough of the original house survives to warrant a Grade II listing.