Wootton Hall


Location   Hardingstone
Year demolished   1911  
Reason   Dry rot - replaced by new house  
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Wootton Hall was built for the Squires of Wootton in the late 18th or early 19th century. Built of white Kingsthorpe stone it was a relatively unremarkable house but its large bay windows and the balustrade around the roof of the central portion of the house gave it a pleasing appearance. From the front door Queen's Eleanor's Cross in Hardingstone could be seen through an avenue of trees whilst the south side offered views of Blisworth.

The last of the direct line of the Squires of Wootton was one William Oliver Harris who inherited the hall in 1851. It was subsequently let to various tenants.

In 1911 dry rot was found throughout the house - probably a result of insufficient maintenance whilst being let out. It was decided to demolish the Hall and to rebuild it on another site slightly to the south of the original house. The new Hall was requisitioned during World War II as a maternity hospital before being bought by the Northamptonshire Police Authority in 1947 as their Force headquarters - a role which it still maintains.